Requests for Police Department Patch Trading

To request a department patch trade, read and follow the instructions below.

It has come to the attention of our department that there are some of our uniform patches that are being traded.  This was made possible by some unscrupulous individuals that were able to have the manufacturer create more than were actually ordered by our agency.  If you have come into possession of a patch for our department, you have very likely acquired one that never made it to us, and therefore it isn't genuine. Unless you posses a letter from our agency (Signed by our Chief) that lists the patch serial number as well as your name, then you have an unauthorized patch and in many states, unauthorized possession is a serious violation of statute.


If you believe you have made contact with someone that has used a patch to create a uniform and you believe your life to be at risk then call 911 immediately.  Otherwise contact us at 1-800-239-7773 to reach our police on call line. 

We do actually trade patches; however our policy is that patches will only be traded by law enforcement departments at the request of the department head.  If you send a letter requesting a patch trade; please include your agencies primary ORI so that we may send an administrative message to verify the letters authenticity.  We will not respond otherwise.

Request shall be sent to:

Foxville & Northern Railroad Police

Chief of Police
PO BOX 577

Pelion, SC 29123

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