Passenger Cars for Lease

Constitution Liners

Our newly aquired fleet of SPV-2000 cars are the high capacity seating you may be looking for. Each car has seating for 102. Each car is equipped with an ADA compliant restroom, 480 HEP, Air Conditioning, floor and overhead heating, luggage racks, inside roller bearings, and Amtrak MU and Comm connections. Two cars are cab cars that can lead a reverse move with throttle and brake controls, horn, headlights, ditch lights, and a bell.

Attractive stainless steel construction makes them look good on any commuter or tourist operation.

Our fleet consists of 6 coaches, and one multi-use car, that can be configured as a lounge, table car, etc.


Our bilevel cars are unique because they have an upper seating level as well. With a seating capacity of 161, these cars are well suited to high demand commuter or excursion service. Only one car has a restroom, but the rest will be upgraded soon. 480 HEP, Air Conditioning, floor and overhead heat, roller bearings, and MU lines.

Center vestibules with air powered doors. These cars will only work with low platforms, or they can be coupled to cars with normal vestibules for high platform loading.

Our Bilevel fleet consists of 7 cars

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